I was just wondering if I was the only person who felt like this.

As in you feel like you are disconnected from reality, like you are here, but mentally you are gone. It sucks, does anyone every feel like this?

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I'm a hell of a lot like that, actually, so no, you're not alone =)
Yeah youre definietly not alone there. I guess its kind
Of a mixture of numbness and disconnected for
Me. if that makes any sense haha.

Yes, exactly! like you don't really belong here, walking in an alternate reality. I know what you mean but it's hard to put into words. And the numbness, I don't seem to have normal emotions, not like I do in the daydreams. I try very hard to not appear cold to the people I'm around but it's hard.

I understand the feeling. I used to feel that way in years past.  I haven't felt that way in quite a while. So, it is a feeling, I believe, and not the natural function of an individual's mind. My life is much better without that feeling.

I feel this way all the time. You definitely are not alone, it seems many people on this site feel this way.

Yeah I feel like that a lot too

All the time. I joke that I take vacations in my own mind. Often, I walk past people I know and don't recognize them because my mind's a world away.

I understand completely. Its like this world should be the fake one and the world you made should be real, even though you know its impossible. Its almost comical in a sence the way no one around even knows how much you would rather be in isolaton, instead of living in the moment with them. Almost alienates the DD'er because there in such an intamate world that no one else can experience.

I know the feeling. It really sucks

I know what you mean.  I find it impossible to live in the moment, rather I'm in my mind numb to reality. So ya you are not alone.


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