Hello there.

I don't really know what am I expecting from this, but whatever.

I'm 18 years old and here where I'm from (Czech republic) I'm in the fourth year of something you could compare to high school. Long story short, this is the last year at this school and to succesfully pass it, we have to go throught big complicated exams around April. 

The funny part is that I am not able to concentrate. Besides preparing for the test I have a lot of work to do to pass all my classes and I am not able to do anything. The whole past week seems like a one long day, I barely remember what I did yesterday. MD gets the best of me but I somehow can't stop it. 

That's why I chose that title. It's simply like a drug. I start daydreaming in random situations even if I don't really "need" it, I physicaly feel the need to start dreaming again and I feel terrible if I don't. I spend all my free time on acting out or thinking about my dreams. And I should be working!

I used to snap my fingers to literally snap myself out of the dream but it's not really working anymore. I don't know what to do at this point. I'm trying to set up a meeting with our school therapist right now but I'm afraid she might not know about MD or that she won't understand. 

I fear that I won't pass the exams if I won't do anything. But as I said, I don't know what to do.

Sorry if there are any mistakes. Thanks to everyone who made it to this point, thank you for reading this.

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Hi Kristy!

I'm a daydream addict too, currently taking a year away from university, because MD was getting in the way of my studies. I found that the stress of school exacerbated my need to escape from real life. 

I think the therapist may be able to help you, even if she's never heard of maladaptive daydreaming. I have been significantly helped by three therapists who had never heard of MD before they met me. There's an article here in this newsletter called "Telling a Therapist About MDD." Hopefully it helps! 


All the best to you!

I'm glad that you're understanding you have a problem. That's the first way to start dealing with any addiction. 

I lived in denial most of my college life and had a major mental breakdown by the last year of college. 

Hey !

I just read your post, ans honnestly all I can say is that I feel the same :/ 

But ! Here is one little tip that I use (idk if it will work for you, but try it if you want :))

Choose some specific moments to daydream. On your free time, for exemple, you decide by yourself to daydream, and you could set on a very noisy alarm when you want to come back to reality. I know that personnaly, if I voluntary daydream during my freetime, I will have more control over my other daydreams.

Of course, it doesn't solve the wole problem. Just as you said, daydreaming is a drug and we cannot help but being addict to it. Anyways, I hope this will help you out, at least a little ^-^

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor :)


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