Daydreaming Interfering with my grades and social life

I've always found it a constant struggle to focus on school when daydreaming so much. I feel that my daydreaming keeps getting in the way of my studying, and it is extremely difficult for me to focus. I'm not doing very well and my grades have been suffering.. as well as my social life. Sometimes, I'll refuse to go out because I prefer to stay home and just daydream. I really do want to go out and meet people and have fun, but I feel like I would sometimes just rather stay home and "create those moments" in my head while daydreaming. I really want to do well and get good grades, but my constant daydreaming keeps me from paying attention and focusing on my readings. And I feel like I could be achieving greater things. I know I have potential to get good grades and get involved on my college campus, but I feel that my daydreaming is holding me back. How do you all deal with this? Any tips for a college student? 

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I recently quit daydreaming and I became super productive in school.

The problem is that there were emotional problems and not having an outlet.

It's sort of a lose-lose situation.

What I do to control my daydreaming is funnel it into something productive. That way I can show something for it: creative writing, drawings, paintings, etc. Since I started doing that, I've noticed that I daydreamed much less. 


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