Everyone who posts on this website seems to daydream with some character and about a certain story line

However my daydreams always consist of me in the future or more accurately my 'idealized self'.

My daydreams , at least half the time ,  are trying to create a future situation to solve anything that is depressing me at the time like someone who humiliated me later sees my name at the end credits of a successful film. (I am an aspiring filmmaker) 

They are usually Self Aggrandizing which I feel is more harmful than normal MD-ing

So I want to know if there is anyone else who does this as well


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Just after glancing at this forum, I wonder if there is a correlation between your sort of daydreaming and the age of the daydreamer.  Until I was about 20 or so, my daydream always included me and usually it was some future and idealized version of me.  But sometime in my early 20s, my daydreams started focusing more on other characters in the dream because it was easier to make up stories and scenarios without the burden of having to make them fit into my own life and past, etc.  Slowly, I just got myself out of it so now it is a completely other world with fictional people. 

I always assumed (maybe incorrectly) that daydreaming about your future self and self-aggrandizing was totally natural and common.  I think everyone does it.  I believe that what makes MD different is that there are on-going storylines with intricate plots.  Until I heard of Schupak, I had no idea any one else did this.

My DD's are almost always about a near future version of myself that is self idealized. The self idealized version of myself sticks to commitments and is very organized and thinks calmly. My DD self understands that practice makes perfect, and does what needs to be done.

My real self, however, feels trapped in an anxiety bubble. I often just don't know what to do with myself. I've started and gave up time and time again to do the things my DD self does. When I try to make a plan to change myself I always just end up going on a long DD about it and carry it out instead of actually doing it.


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