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Does anyone else daydream about everyday mundane things?. I daydream a lot about being in a relationship with a celebrity but I never daydream about the fantasy exciting lifestyle. 

My character which is an extension of myself has a normal job and lives a relatively normal existence except for dating a celebrity. My daydreams normally consist of date nights and spending time together. Sometimes I even relive moments from my actual real life with them included, like if I have watched a film or had a night out with friends the next day I will intertwine this fantasy person into the evening.

Recently I went with my family to visit a historic building near where I live and after when I was back home I fantasised about how the day would have been with this person.

When I was younger my daydreams were more fantasy filled with magic and vampires and superheroes.


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I daydream of both; with different story lines, some are closer to fantasy and some are closer to daily life activities.

When I am really tired, I would easily shift to story of daily life, since the scenario and characters require much less imagination to elaborate. However, these stories are hard to continue;for example, if you imagine a date, the date won't continue forever and you need to end it and start another date in the next day. Fantasy contents will not have this problem, so I still keep it as the norm of my MD. But for variety sake that keep myself from being bored to my daydream, both kind of content has several storylines that I have been developing for years.

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