Daydreaming a possible cause of clumsiness? (and does anyone else have a weird walk/run?)

Is anyone else here really clumsy or is it just me? I think because I'm DDing so much I'm not aware of things and will trip over stuff (like once I was walking along this path and decided to run to catch up with someone in front of me and almost as soon as I started running I tripped and fell over a rusty bit of metal that was poking out of the ground only about an inch or so!). And once, I tripped over a wooden plank that was raised  about 6 inches off the ground! (If you want to laugh uncontrollably at me  find out how I did this, message me)

And I fall backwards for no reason sometimes, LOL.

Does anyone else walk or run strangely? For example, my Mum says I do a 'shuffle run' and once my aunt (who lives in Wales, doesn't see me very often and my uncle only married her a few years ago, so she's not very used to me) asked my if I was OK because (according to her) I was doing a weird walk then my Dad said "Oh no she always walks like that." Maybe from all the pacing? XD

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I do behave clumsily on days i DD too much. I tend to fall,bump into things,trip. Even things i say are not proper sentences. It is perhaps because i am too much into my world of dreams and do not want to get into the real world which is not in my control unlike my dreams.


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