I was wondering, why many daydreamers are painters and writers, but as far as I can see on this website, scarcely any are musicians, even though music plays a big part in most daydreamer's lifes.

But it is also my experience, that it is very easy for me to daydream while listening to music, but it is not possible to dd while making music (playing an instrument or singing). Problably it is because you have to concentrate too much on the music. Could this be a cure?

I just read a book about the true story of Nicole Glocke, who's father was a spy for East-Germany in West-Germany. His whole family, including wife and children, didn't know about his spying. It was a shock for them, when he was caught by the police. Nicole was 9 years old, when her father was in jail, she was told to keep it a secret, what her father did and that he was in jail. She describes, how she escaped into daydreams about male actors who cared about her. But she also describes how music had an enormous influence on her and at this time she started to play the piano - and she is still playing it. She said, that she daydreamed during her childhood and youth. So I think she stopped it now.


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I am a musician. I play the flute, but I don't usually DD while doing it, but then again, I don't play as often as I used to. I am also a singer ( a recording artist), and I do DD while I sing. Singing is a big part of my DD, but I also have  certain songs that I will play from a CD while I DD, that usually goes along with any story line that I am in at the moment.

I am also a writer. I am a published poet and short story writer, and I am working on a book at the moment and have other stories lined up to write after this one is finished. Although they say that many songs come from poems, I have never written any songs. I have not developed that talent as of yet. ( I am almost 48) Maybe one day I will have a song come to me :) . 

I have noticed that things that take me away from DDing, I will not do for  great lengths of time. Especially if I am in a good story line and it is one I am using for a story or my book or something. It's like I am obsessed and must finish the story....LOL

I'm a music major. Still working on my Bachelors. :) ...I play piano.

May I add, it's been TOUGH. Music theory requires a ton of concentration. It's always been easier for me to play by ear, but theory is good to have for the long run.

Lauren, do you daydream while playing the piano?

Lauren said:

I'm a music major. Still working on my Bachelors. :) ...I play piano.

Sometimes I do. I have to concentrate more on music I don't know. For music I wrote or a song I'm familiar with, I can easily daydream while playing. I daydream that my appearance is different. I see myself in a big beautiful dress, with a huge audience and getting positive feedback from my listeners. It can go pretty far, all while continuing to play.

Daydreaming is actually what kept me from becoming a musician. it was all i wanted to be as a kid. But i noticed it was much easier to fantasize instead of actually working hard and become what i was dreaming about. that was actually when i started to notice my daydreaming getting worse. I wanted so badly to be a muscian. that partucualr daydream took over my life. but for others, im sure excessivley daydreaming could help with any creative outlet. but for me unfortuantely, daydreamning is an excuse not to be creative. Internally, i feel i dont have to be. On the outside, i know i have so much potential to make art out of my life, but somehow get sucked in to whatever is easy. and for me, that has always been escapism.

I also agree with what you're saying, Sky. It took me a while to make up my mind and actually go to school for music because of daydreaming. Even though I can play and daydream simultaneously, it leaves me with a feeling of guilt when I'm finished. I feel like I'm not giving it my all and it would be better if I used all of my mind for music instead of compromising my focus by storing hundreds of daydreams in my head. Sometimes I get so upset because I know I'm neglecting my talent in exchange for nothing, really. The daydreams have no tangible reward. The dreams have only served to jeopardize my real aspirations. Sometimes I get so angry at this vicious cycle that I punish myself by abstaining from music for months at a time. I just get mad and say 'to hell with it' sometimes. As I analyze myself more, I see that this back and forth behavior in all I do is a direct result of MD. I'm going back and forth between lives. So, it explains why I start things and then abandon them in real life. Then, shortly after abandoning an activity, I get back to it again. This makes it extremely hard, if not impossible, to be a successful musician.


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