I notice that when I mdd by choice I always draw the curtains and shut the door etc so no one can see me. Do others do this?

Also, now this is a weird thing but i always turn all photos down when beginning to pace and mdd I think this is because when I see them I'm brought back to reality, is this just me?

Thanks, Adam.

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Exactly the same with me, feels like they are watching you and while MDD it feels unnerving and offputting

Ever since I got caught a couple times as a child, it's always been in my room, curtains drawn, trying not to make sounds from my pacing.

I always shut the door but I don't draw the curtains.  I don't have a lot of pictures because when I am daydreaming I don't want people to "watch". Sometimes I will put something over the mirror or TV so I don't see myself.  It really embarrasses me when I see myself doing this.

I almost always DD with the curtains drawn, doors locked, and no one around. The only exception to that rule is when I'm driving. I do get a bit skittish when I am at a stoplight next to another vehicle, or in a neighborhood I know well, where I run the chance of someone seeing me. I've been caught DDing before, and it was very embarrassing, so I do whatever I can to safeguard my privacy. As far as pictures are concerned, I can't DD with any out, but not because I don't want the feeling of people watching me. My reason is that if I see a picture, say, a model in a fashion magazine for instance, I'll immediately associate that image with my female character. I can't help it, it just occurs automatically, so I do my best to hide things like that while DDing.

I used to be unable to have pictures/posters of people on my wall until I was like, fourteen or fifteen, because it was like they were watching me. 

but I don't really prepare to DD, it just happens. I don't pace or anything, just sometimes mouth words or move just a little with the DD.

Yep, I am with other posters on this, in that I: don't want anyone 'real' to see, don't want to see my reflection in a mirror or window, don't want photos 'looking' at me. I also try to be inconspicuous sound-wise but sometimes I talk or laugh or make noise pacing. I do often DD in the shower and I cannot help talk in there for some reason. My husband made a comment once about hearing me in the shower and my mother said "She still does that?"...very embarrassing. My new thing is to try singing while DD in the shower cause heaps of people sing in the shower.


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