okay this migt sound weird lol but sometimes when I have no ideas brewing, I imagine going through my characters facebooks/tumblrs and looking at their selfies and photos together lol.  Also one of them is into photography
(shes like, one of those tumblr chicks with a film camera who takes shitty rad verticle snapshopts and gets a bunch of notes. i had to have a tumblr famous character lol) and she takes cool pictures of her friends so I picture what her photos would look like. 
ya thats fun

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I never imagined going through my characters blogs, but when I was a young teen and MySpace was hot, I was a creep and found inspiration for new characters based on a few different girls who were in my age group. So I would look through their pictures and make up my own names and personalities for them in my head, just look at their photos for inspiration. Similar to when a child who can't read looks through a picture book and makes up their own story based on the illustrations. I really lost hours doing that, and this way I had a whole new group of friends to daydream about. At the time I was into the idea of being part of a somewhat large, close group of friends.
I kind of do that. I don't imagine exactly what they'd post, but I imagine which social media sites they'd have accounts for and what kind of stuff they'd post in general.


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