Hey everybody! I am an MDD addict myself, and new here(I just got to know of this site recently) and have come to realize that we have super-powers. Yes we can create vivid dreams and illusions, do you know how cool is that! So I plan to start experimenting with my brain and put this power we have to the test and use it to do something constructive.

So my exams are going on and I would like to share how I used my MDD to store 3 formulas of Basic electronics.

Yes we can create a Mind Palace- I watched sherlock and what he did was drastically similar to what I did to store information. So how this goes is that first when you study something have a vivid dream and in your MD store that info. I painted a wall in my MD with the formulas.

Currently I'm trying to store more and more data as I continue to experiment. What's great is my MD lets me visualize everything so beautifully. So that packed with the feynman learning technique(which too I recently came across, which is a great way to assess my ability of remembering) http://www.scotthyoung.com/learnonsteroids/grab/TranscriptFeynman.pdf

So superheroes, I ask you what experiments have you done with your brain and what learning techniques do you adapt to? How have you used your MDD constructively? Please share, as I continue to do these experiments I plan to blog it someday when I have good enough material(probably in a few months or so)- so your inputs will just add quality CHEERS,

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Same, you can use the places you know. My house door in my mind is painted with 0 C= 273.15 K. You can see it as pictures plus to remember it you have to keep visiting it in your head, then the paint sticks or it quickly fades away. Sometimes what I mostly do is create stories for concepts.
For my communications chapter, I created a story of a paperplane carrying a message. The paper was the carrier signal and modulation was forming it into a paper-plane,boat etc. and then I went into detail. That modulation should always be 1 or less than one(AM mod) as the amount of paper should be greater than the message written or else part of the message is lost. Transducer, transmitter all part of a paper plane story.

Carlos said:

I tried the mind palace method using places I know well, but I can't store all the info I need to remember for my next exam.

Can you remember those formulas as if you were watching a pic in your mind? Most authors of mnemonics books don't believe that that kind of photographic memory exists and they say that if you can't make some association you will forget the data.

Wow! Great idea! I should definitely try this!

Sometimes to help give a explanation for the inventions/ideas I make, I DD I'm giving a TED talk, and go through examples, etc. It helps me flesh the ideas out.


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