again thats:


i dont know if this will help anybody out because this guide is probably more for people with a mild case of MD.. but either way i just wanted to post it in case it does help anybody...


there was also a very good saying it had under tips which is:

  • Live each day like it is your last. You wouldn't be simply living in a day-dream fantasy world on your last day on the Earth, would you? Spend each day like it is your last, and spend it in-touch with reality.

so please check it out and dont forget to comment what you think!

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Thanks for sharing:D

I think I needed to read that today!

I'd rather not face reality, reality sucks :/
exactly. if only if only

EludeMyFantasies said:

Very interesting read.  Simply is such a ....well a simple word. Unfortunately life isn't always that simple and just no longer daydreaming isn't that simple either. I think people who daydream need to retrain their way of thinking and brain into a more positive functional way. 


Now if only I could figure out how to do that.

Thank you for the link.  I have been doing something similar for a while and meanwhile my MD has been manageable  in the daytime, I have discovered that when i have problems or am stressed. At night just before falling off to sleep, i fall into a full blown day dream with actions and vocal noises like I have been suppressing it.


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