I have a daydream that has turned into a full blown story and i have tried to stop but i always find myself drifting into the abyss of MD. I was wondering if  any of you fellow md'ers have any deep connections to any of your day dreams

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Mine is exactly like yours... *sighhh* I feel really uncreative to people who totally create their own worlds. However, I add/change back stories to characters as I put myself and others into them. So..its kinda like creating your own world through an existing one. I honestly think if I took some of my "ideas" and "story lines" and tried to think of new worlds and names it might be interesting and become completely original. It could get my creativity flowing for that new world. I could do it much more easier when I was younger than now for some reason.


Palejade said:

I've had the same main character pretty much since ive started, mainly in one base world that i edit to fit whatever story im doing at the time. 


It's kind of like those tv shows where you can watch episodes out of order, because the characters and their basic situations stay generally the same, and each episode has its own plot which begins and ends by the end of the episode, or maybe the whole season. Like a "base template" I build all of my dreams on top of, then when im done with that dream, i start the next one going from that same template of central characters, but they can have different backgrounds, different interests,...  


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