can DD about intimate very often make us sex addicts?

I was day dreaming about intimate relationships. would that EVENTUALLY make me sex addict.

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I don't know about six but it will surely make you an intimacy addict. Happened to me. The way I view relationships is totally fucked up. I constantly seek intimate moments. I care about intimacy much more about sex because the pleasure of sex can't last forever, like daydreams do

It may. I also LOVE how intimacy moments act in my DDs, and the more I think about it, the more I also elaborate sexual scenes of my characters. I am now probably both an intimacy addict and a masturbation addict of my own DDs. That doesn't matter my relationships too much, as I think I fucked them up before I become addicts, is just that the 2 addicts help me overcome/forget real life relationships much more easily.

Strictly speaking, no. The risk is that you become addicted to your daydreams about sex/intimacy. It's like being a junkie for a drug that makes you see rainbows, you're not addicted to the rainbows (even though it might feel that way), you're addicted to the drug. As long as you don't start mixing up daydreams and reality you should be more or less safe.

For me, it makes my lack of sexual intimacy tolerable. 


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