Being scared to do things in real life so just daydreaming them instead...

I have this fear or severe reluctance of actually doing things in real life. I know that can be normal, but here I mean really small things, like practising my guitar; I'd rather imagine myself playing the guitar than actually do it.. This is really holding me back from actually DOING things in life..

So I was wondering if anyone else experiences this weird fear/ reluctance of doing even small things and instead taking the opportunity to daydream about it?

Also, if anyone could suggest ways I could stop myself from doing this?...

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Yes, I do this too, partially out of laziness and partially out of fear.

Little things like reading or whatnot, also big things like contacting people I used to be friends with or making a facebook account (but I'd say that is much more to do with social fears and facebook always made me feel depressed anyways).

I can relate to this and just like DustyRose said it's partially down to laziness and partially down to fear. I'm perhaps not as reluctant as you as I play at least one of my instruments everyday as I get a lot of enjoyment from it and I always draw. I think my fear is more based on taking these things further i.e join a band or set up a website to sell my art and get more clients than I do now as I only really sell to people I know. I don't know what that fear is. Perhaps rejection or not being good enough or really messing up. In some ways I think I'm actually scared of progressing because it means more responsibility. I would have to go to band practice when all I would want to do is daydream or be more sociable when I don't want to be.
In my daydreams I am in a band playing drums and sometimes keyboard. I find that is very rewarding for me and although it would probably be rewarding in real life I just can't see myself doing it. 

As for facebook I always have it running in the background. I never really say anything but I use it to display artwork so I can get clients.

I stopped doing this after I forced myself to make a habit of telling those around me that I was going to get things done.

If you don't have a ridiculous sense of pride, that may not work for you though, haha.

Thanks guys, its good to know other people do stuff like this too!


I think alot of the stuff about laziness and the safety of daydreams applies to me, so I'll see if I can change my feelings and try take up the things that I used to love but now seemed to have stopped doing in the place of increased daydreaming... 


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