So I like to dress up like my main character... does anyone else do this? 

I think it helps with the daydream plus I deeply admire the character. This is kind of embarrassing for me but for example, if a really emotional 'scene' comes up which involves a character comforting the character I like to- in a way- be like, I try to have as close as possible clothing, hairstyle, surroundings etc to help it seem more realistic.

I'm four inches taller than him and I'm a girl. I have a similar haircut (not on purpose, I had to get my head shaved a year ago and I'm trying to grow it), and I don't have male features ( so annoying ha ha). So what lengths do you go to to make DD realistic? Or you don't? :)

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Yes!! If my characters are feeling a certain way it definitely affects the way I dress. I think it helps that my characters don't dress too far fetched. My favorite thing is that my main character wears a lot of bright colors, so I wear a lot of bright colors all the time.

Something I do to make them all realistic is put them in real situations. I picture them doing everything. I picture them shopping or watching TV, doing work or talking to each other. I think it makes them really human to me.  

:D The bright coloured clothing thing is cute! I cannot wear what my characters wear (maybe a cheap knock off) because they're too rich lol sigh* but maybe someday! I do the other things listed though. 

yeah lol but i dont look as pretty as my characters do
I only dress like one of them, and she basically only wears band shirts and skinny jeans and converse/vans and has messy hair (she looks like kristen stewart. now can you picture it?)

but i have really curly hair ,and its to my shoulders and wont grow and its to puffy
so i have to wear a hat so i look like an ugly boy lol.

Is your character grunge? lol Kirsten Stewart, I think she's kind of pretty though so I wouldn't be ashamed if you ended up dressing like her. :)

As for your hair, why not straighten it? or go to a salon to get it to the way you want it? best of luck :D


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