Has anyone Found any professional Articles on MD? If so, please send the links my way ...I want to do a Research Paper on Md for a class...Thanks :-)

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There are some articles and the most recent study done at the bottom of the links page.  

Thanks i found some :-)

i dont know if this really belongs here but i wanted to say that i knew of a forum and there was one topic where somebody was wondering that they had, they described maladaptive daydreaming to the teat, but he didnt know it had name.

Anyways there were litterally thoussands of repsonses from tonnnnnesss of people about how they had it too and debating on what it was. This was about a year ago so i dont have the link anymore but now that i found out what this is called i really wish i could get into that forum and let them know!


thing is, there is probably a tonne of info out there but a lot of people who write about it dont know its called maladaptive daydreaming.


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