Are your DDs more like fantasy of more like reality?

I have a poll up on my profile asking this same question but I'll ask it here as well. I'm really curious.

When I found out about maladaptive daydreaming last week, I was surprised that there were so many people who experience the same thing as I do. But what was even more interesting to me is the fact that some people don't daydream about things that could happen in real life. And some people don't even include themselves in their daydreams at all.

My fantasies are either just like reality or are mostly like reality with one or two elements changed. I frequently have a daydream where I'm in a studio class (I'm in college for art) and everyone in the class is behaving like normal. Then, an armed man comes in and changes the scenario. Then I can take this in different directions depending on what people I put in the classroom with me, how I think they'll react, the motives of the gunman, and the multitude of ways I could react.

Or sometimes I'll just have fantasies about having conversation with people that I know. These are probably the daydreams that I have most frequently.


So, what kind of daydreams do you have?


A. Just Like Reality: Your DDs are about everyday things happening with yourself and people you know.

B. Mostly Like Reality: Things in your DDs are like they are in your life except for one or two major elements. i.e. You discover that you have magical powers or you get held at gun-point.

C. More Toward Fantasy: The circumstances that you place yourself in are extremely different than you experience in life. i.e. You're taken to a new country to live amongst people that you don't know in life.

D. Complete Fantasy Land: You could be daydreaming about creatures living in an alien civilization. You and the people you know are not part of your fantasy.

E. Other: None of these fit. (If this is your answer, share how your daydreams are.)


I'm really excited to hear your answers. :)



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I'd say E for myself. None of my daydreams would be considered very fascinating to others haha. I never have anything very creative in them, like dragons or aliens. They usually consist of pretty normal scenarios (mostly focusing on different dialogue and reactions) and they take place near where I live, but the daydreams usually aren't about things that could actually occur in my daily life. Sometimes I'm in my daydreams, but sometimes I'm not. 

I would say that my daydreams are normally in the B range, sometimes C but definitly less often.

My first ever DD was a B & C blend. The pro didn't have mystical powers but was extremely talented at everything she tried to do. Ironically yesterday, I was thinking of this pro and how she'd be an exemplar if Dos Equis were to make "Most Interesting Woman in the World" commercials.  I DDed on and off (mostly one) for years but lost interest because the pro seemed so grandiose & prominent and that actually limited her potential. Her personality was similar to mine but some of her decisions were not ones that I would make if I were in her shoes (weird because I'm beyond being in her shoes, I AM her shoes!) She's currently undergoing a project that requires intensive training & reduced social interaction so I haven't committed time to that DD in >6 months.

My most recent DD is an A&C blend. I basically transplanted myself in a situation that was possible, but no longer feasible in my own life and decided to see how things would play out. I don't have any fictitious characters in that one... at least not main ones that the pro interacts with. 

My daydreams are always reality. Although, I now remember that when I was younger I would pretend I went to Hogwarts. This may sound like something any kid would do. But I'd make a list of my classes and what times they'd start with what teachers and I'd follow it day by day.


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