Are your daydreams sometimes triggered by positive emotions?

Whenever something nice happens in real life - for example, someone is kind to me or praises something I did - it triggers an MD episode and I just want to turn on the music and act out all positive feelings in a daydream, which is ridiculous. Why would nice feelings from real life activate a coping mechanism episode? MD feeds off my emotions, both positive and negative ones.

We probably have an immense problem with channeling our emotions properly. So, does it happen to you as well?

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It seems like I also have the same problem too. Sometimes, when I see a very good show or movie that inspires me, it feeds into my daydreams; I would take scenes from that show or movie and put them into my daydreams. Same thing happens when I listen to great music or read great stories.

However, it's weird that I rarely daydream about positive stuff that happen in my real life. When something good happens to me (i.e. someone praises me), I don't daydream about it. I get over it quickly. But when something bad happens to me enough to trigger negative emotions, I get real sulky about it and start DDing negatively.

So many of my interactions with people feel meaningless & dull. I think that may be the reason positive events trigger my DDs. When something positive does happen I don't want that feeling to fade so hold onto it by either putting on replay or injecting into a storyline.


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