Anyone identifying with any of the athletes?  Or have a crush on any of them?  It all seems very thrilling to me.

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I agree with you about the politics and have several friends that refuse to watch.  I guess I just think that so many of the countries have awful leaders - allowing human rights atrocities.  The Russian people themselves have always struck me as sensitive & poetic.  But I am horrified by their treatment of gays & stray animals that they shot for the Olympics.

However, if you can go on internet & see the 31 year old Russian male figure skater - I forget his name, blonde, sort of Sean Penn-ish - he is elegance personified.

Yevgeny Plushenko is his name.  He is 31, which is old for the sport.  but really awesome.

I think he is just yummy.  It was heartbreaking to see him have to bow out last night because of all the pain he is in - a disc implanted in his back.  He reminds me of the poem:

The night has a thousand eyes, the day but one.

But the light of the whole world dies, with the setting sun.


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