I have many stories and i was wondering if anyone else did..
Do you have people die
Or do get pregnant as the main character
Or do you fall in love or get married?

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Ok, here goes....one of my DD is: (totally fictional)

Years ago I had an affair and even though my husband at the time didn't know about it, he was always suspecting. We eventually separated and I moved away. I re married a wonderful man and after being married for 12 years, he died. I had a son by my first marriage and he is now grown and wants me to move back to the town where his dad lives so he can visit us when he comes to town. I agree to make the move and it is easy for me because I am a writer and I am also extremely rich (worth over 450 million). When I arrive back in this small town, I end up meeting a man named Thomas. He is the brother of the man I had a one time affair with years earlier. We end up dating and eventually get married. He is very close to his brother Charles who is now married to a great girl, Leslie. After only being married for 3 months, I find out I'm pregnant, which is crazy because we are on up in age, me 40's him 50's. Being only 6 weeks pregnant, Thomas finds out that he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer and is given only 3-4 months to live. They have dinner and invite Charles and Leslie over to give them the news. Leslie vows to help me with the delivery and asks me to go shopping for the baby with her on Saturday (this is Thursday) and she will call me on Friday evening when she returns from a business trip in a nearby large city. Late Friday evening a knock on the door brings more tragic news as another brother of Thomas' tells them that Charles is on his way to the hospital that Leslie has been in a horrible wreck and did not survive. Being on his death bed, Thomas begs Charles to marry me and take care of me and the baby, and tells him the love will come later. I flip out but my love for Thomas makes me promise him anything. After Thomas dies, Charles comes to me and makes me keep my promise and we get married. He moves in, but is in a different master bedroom. He is there for me when the baby arrives and we become very close friends. Months later, I realize that I do indeed love Charles. I finally tell Charles that I want my baby to have two parents who love her and for her to have parents that love each other. This is when Charles reveals that he too loves me. Two months later, I find out that I am once again pregnant.

Sometimes, I actually let the children grow up some, but I usually play the meeting of Thomas and the dating parts over and over, and also after his death over and over. Each time, I find something else (no matter how minor) to change about how I want the story to go. 

I have other stories that go on from time to time, but this is the "BIG" one.......LOL

haha I really only daydream about 1 subject but when I started writing it's over 800 words and it's not even near completed because it's just to complicated and broken up into a bunch of different "episodes" hahaha I think I should write it into a book! But if you really want to know I can try and simplify it, all you gotta do is ask ^^

Mine's to long to put here... :/

I have many, many stories that I play through, though I'll just list my main ones.

  • I am a professor/writer/scientist/something wildly successful and somehow (usually through a mutual friend) meet the actor Benedict Cumberbatch. We end up dating and falling in love. Sometimes we have a beautiful little girl named Annalee (name varies). I have actually used baby morphers to see what she would look like and she is the single most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It pains me that she will never be a physical being. 
  • Other times, it is nearly the same as above, but he is dating some gorgeous actress/model/etc and I am left alone, in pain and sobbing for hours. 
  • The DD I have had the longest (12+ years or so) involves being adopted by Mulder and Scully from The X-Files. Alternatives to that include being an FBI agent that works with them, being Scully and marrying Mulder, and being their actual child.
  • A recent one involves being adopted by Sherlock and John Watson (BBC version). Or, alternately, being adopted by Martin Freeman and his partner Amanda Abbingdon. I usually am a 12-16 year old orphan prodigy, despite being a grown woman and definitely not a prodigy.
  • I had a brief period where I was a companion to the Doctor and we traveled time and space together. The only one where I am a grown woman and don't fall in love, ironically, since I am wildly attracted to the 10th and 11th Doctors in real life. 

As you can see, most of my DD involve real people or established fictional ones. I've never really had ones with original characters, beyond populating my DD with friends and such. No central characters are ever original, at least.


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