Hi, guys! Today i want to talk about Antidepressant (ADs).

Did someone try theme, and did it help you fighting with MD( exactly MD, not depression)?

I heard that someone told about zoloft.

And i tried fluvoxamine, and it didnt help me, i took it for month but it didnt help me. 

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You mean you dont daydream now?

♥ said:

Actually, I've taken several antidepressants. I took Paxil and I found it helped TREMENDOUSLY with my daydreaming.. However after one year without daydreaming, I found I feel relatively empty and stopped taking it. It's now back but I need to take the antidepressant for social anxiety/depression however, I don't want to not have any daydreams. I don't know what to do now, lol.


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