Hi I'm a 16 year old who just discovered that I have maladaptive daydreaming. Since elementary school I have had these compelling and very detailed worlds that I would go into for a while and would always be throwing a ball against a wall in a trance for hours. At first I thought I just had a very vivid imagination as a child which is true but as I've gotten older and teens tend to not play pretend anymore I thought something was wrong with me. I have had this completely different life with many detailed characters, settings, ect since about 7th grade. (Prior to that I had a different world). I have gotten to the point now where I downloaded apps to design houses for my other world and even outfits also. Recently I told one of my friends about this other world before discovering I had maladaptive daydreaming because I thought I had something more psychological and a deep issue but after my research I'm fine with my daydreaming now and don't feel as guilty.

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Hey same girl!! I'm 16 and just found this term, (along with this forum) the first term I came across was a paracosm, which would be the name for the world that I go into when I daydream. I've noticed some people don't have a paracosm but more just imagine themselves in different situations or worlds, but I have a whole storyline (which I've used for inspiration to write about) and it's pretty cool how many other people do these things. 

Oh my god! I design things and outfits for my other world too! My outfits are always very detailed in my Daydreams.

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