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Hey everyone, My name is James, I am 39, from Los Angeles. I've had MDD since I was about 12, and it really kind of started with how I wan…

Started by Jim Hunt

4 Nov 9, 2020
Reply by Blanca Margatroid

When/how to seek treatment

I’m certain I fit the criteria for maladaptive daydreaming. My question is, when should I get help. My daydreaming interferes with my focus…

Started by Roseanne Sinclair

1 Aug 1, 2019
Reply by Ulaan Gom

Does anyone relate the way I feel it?

So I just figured out that I am indeed not crazy and this is an actual thing ( which might I say is quite a relief).  I have always been ve…

Started by Juliana Rose

6 Jul 23, 2018
Reply by Sarah

Avoidance - Yes or No

I have a question that's been bothering me for a long time. I don't know if i should stop daydreaming altogether or if I should just cut do…

Started by Sarcorum

4 Sep 17, 2017
Reply by Bronwyn

Help from people who have recovered/don't have MDD?

First, an introduction. If you're just here because you're not an MDDer and saw my title or have made it past MDD, skip to the giant, bolde…

Started by snowflake1814

1 Mar 5, 2017
Reply by SwanInTheWater

My beginner's guide to meditation (YES, IT HELPS)

Okay, first off, I just want to say why meditation will help your MD. Meditation is an exercise in focus, training yourself to choose what…

Started by Lockster

0 Feb 19, 2016

Was it right? What to do? (Help!)

So... this is my first time interacting with other MDers and it makes me so happy! :D  Feels awesome not struggling while explaining your c…

Started by Aquamarine. ♡❄

5 Nov 22, 2015
Reply by Roel

Dreaming my life away random thoughts

I have read a few diffrent post and I gotta say it is nice to not be completely alone.  While we all have the same issues with being drawn…

Started by Sarah Smith

2 May 29, 2015
Reply by Sarah Smith

Seeming like I don't care?

I really struggle keeping myself in reality, I'm constantly pulled back into my mind because I feel better there and will completely zone o…

Started by Lex

8 Jan 6, 2013
Reply by Teagan Heart

Getting daydreams under control

Right now I have the daydreams under control.  I only daydream when appropriate.  While doing hobbies, yard work, or something boring and m…

Started by Starry

2 Nov 30, 2012
Reply by greyartist


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