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books or movies about MD

Do you know any movies or books that portray MD/have characters with MD? does not need to be focused entirely on this and can be of any gen…

Started by G

6 on Friday
Reply by Jonna

How Maladaptive Is It, Really?

Lifelong "Maladaptive Daydreamer" here. The whole nine yards; pacing while listening to music for hours and hours while creating extraordin…

Started by NeverPresent

3 Jan 9
Reply by Weronika Leśniewska

MD and Shame

Hi everyone, It is overwhelming to find a community of people who experience what I go through! It's a bitter sweet kind of feeling that we…

Started by Laya Jamali

2 Jan 6
Reply by Valeria Franco

From positive escapism to negative rumination and "daymares" - Has anyone else experienced this. *WARNING Very loong post*

Hi all, I am new to this forum, it has been funny looking at all the posts as a lot of people have experienced maladaptive daydreaming in t…

Started by L.solace

9 Jan 3
Reply by Brett L

Do you try to make your dreams come true?

Hi guys, I would like to ask you, if you follow your dreams. I mean, when I daydream I mostly use to think of things, that can never happen…

Started by Alokin

3 Jan 1
Reply by Cane

Reality shifting - Tiktok trend

Hello everyone, Have you heard about the reality shifting trend that's been going on on Tiktok for a while now? I just recently stumbled up…

Started by Ariane

0 Dec 26, 2020

Anyone else act things out?

I have had MDD for as long as I can remember. I can’t actually remember my life without it. But after finding out online what it is, I rare…

Started by Minkz

2 Dec 23, 2020
Reply by Liz


Well, I’m going to identify myself as a G, because I don’t really like my name and it’s big. And sorry for the English, I’m from Brazil and…

Started by G

7 Dec 23, 2020
Reply by Valeria Franco


Have any of you ever heard of tulpamancy? I'm just learning about it, but it sounds a lot like MDD but directed toward healing and spiritua…

Started by Amanda

1 Dec 23, 2020
Reply by Valeria Franco

MD and love disturbing each other

I have had an MD lover ever since I started MD. Surprisingly a couple of years back, a guy joined at my workplace who has striking resembla…

Started by Varaa

8 Dec 20, 2020
Reply by Amanda


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