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I feel as if my dream world is remotely the opposite from the real world. Shouldn't our heads tell us the truth? I mean sometimes our dreams do tell us what future events awaits us, whether your awake or asleep. You'll be surprised in the future that I has finally come true. But, usually, you foresee these upcoming events by accident, not that you really wanted to know. People call it foresight or prevision.

However, there are other dreams that are made up fantasies, such as if you have a strong crush on a person your really
like or you expected to fit in nicely in high school, when really, everything turns out to be a nightmare. You don't meet and chum up with many people in school, for they are too busy laughing and gossiping about you. Also, maybe that person you had a powerful crush on turns out to be a jerk and a loser, also doesn't like you back...never has. Or better yet, you never expected life to be so very hard in the beginning, when really, it can be significantly hard. You expected to be free off your parents hands and on your own, when really, something unfortunate happens at work, and you have to move back suddenly and for an undesirable length of time.

My point is, nobody ever knows or cares what you prefer to see, but you alone. So its all up to you to make things about your life look so much better. That is if you can.

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Comment by Hannah on September 9, 2017 at 8:58pm

Honestly, I'm probably unaware of half of what goes on in reality, or "truth." I'm not sure if I'd rather keep on living in my dream world or see the world how it really is. 

Comment by Fallen Messenger on September 3, 2017 at 3:18pm

I think your mind is playing the psychological trick of DDing to prevent you from realizing the nightmare we're living in. We contort our vision to see only what we want to see, hence DDing. Yeah, it's pretty ironic, I agree with you. Have a great day, Jessica Ballantyne

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