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Man oh man. I spent the last several weeks binging one of my favorite shows and it got me daydreaming so deep. I think about every spare minute of the day I turn my brain into my brain. It's the best story and the best show and so for about 151 episodes I feel completely at home and emotionally entrenched, but now it's over and I'm trying to tell myself to move on but I just can't just yet. 

It's just so weird and dumb that I can build a family out of t.v. show and feel loved and safe just from thinking about it. It's so unhealthy. It doesn't get in the way with life so I'm alright there, I just know the way I feel isn't right. 

Oh well, it'll go away soon, and then I'll do this again in five years or so. For the minute it's just lame, but it's also my life and my secret and no one can make me feel bad about it, but me. 

Thanks for letting me ramble. 

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