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So I have been thinking a lot lately about this... disorder, I guess you can call it...

Although I usually am thinking about it in ways of how to cure it, or ease the pain of it, I am thinking about it overlapping with other disorders.

I suffer from Jargon Aphasia, and you might be wonder how I am able to even write correctly, it's because I have coped with it. It takes so much mental energy to think in English, that in my daydreams I speak in my so-called Cancrin Language. Like I've told you before in my other blogs, my alter-ego lives in the Cancris, but I haven't told you this. I'm just wondering if any else of you suffer from this or any other form of Aphasia, I hope I'm not alone.

With this disorder, I have a strong feeling it's related to Obsessive Compulsion Disorder, because I have that disorder. Because we are compulsively obsessed with our daydreams, that it often consumes our lives.

And I feel that us MDers often feel slightly schizophrenic with our desire to be like our alter-egos. Like I've started believing that some of the characters in my daydreams are my spirit guides, I don't know if it's true or not... but what else do I know?

Anyways, I just want to hear your guys think about the overlapping of mental disorders.

Do you think maladaptive daydreaming is just part of another disorder, or a whole different one on it's own? I want to hear your thoughts.

And what other mental disorders do you guys suffer from, are you depressed? Tell me in the comments below, I will always be here to be an understanding ear.

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Comment by Fallen Messenger on April 30, 2016 at 5:51am

A pattern I'm definitely noticing with MDers is other mental disorders, and it baffles me how different -yet similar- these disorders can be. It seems to be common to be depressed, but all for seemingly different reasons. And it really makes me think about how we all use our alter-egos for advice which I think is indispensable, It is a wonderful things that makes us self-reliant and different from all the other people. And we know whats going on, we are clearly seeing the road ahead of us, but we just don't want to stop daydreaming.

Like you were saying about schizophrenia, it makes me confused too, because we are knowing that it's just a daydream, but we seem so schizophrenic though...

Something highly plausible is that our DDing is just a coping method for a higher, overall disorder that we might of just ruled out.

Anyways, thank you for your thoughts. I hope that one day people will finally understand us for our weird, yet beautiful coping method.

Comment by Fitri Kamelia on April 29, 2016 at 6:23pm

because I haven't visit any psychiatrist, I'm not sure what was my actual disorder. MD may a little disorder for me now after I reduced it by doing arts. but thinking about depressed and else, I think I might have another disorder that should be cured. I always had suicidal thoughts, and had worrying about something too much. and when my mind getting wobbly, I cannot do anything unless release it by crying and sleep - or in very rare case, I vomit.

I still tried to never into that rare case because other than bad health, I will ended up full of regret because I just threw up my favorite meals. adds more depressing thoughts.

some smartass people will say I might have Schizoprenic/DID. but I don't think so, since I knew my alter-egos (or 'characters' in another word) was just my other's opinion to something/someone/some else. I choose to listen them because it's fun to have party animal with philosophy themed lol. and see my other opinion shaped into my characters who had their own thought.

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