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I think that I see what's wrong.....

Because I day dreamed excessively for 20 years, the only life I ever knew exists inside my head....I only knew myself inside my head. In the real world, I have no life....I don't exist in reality....I'm currently not "somebody" at all. Seriously,
I rarely speak a word to 'real life' people. I practically don't have an existing personality. So, I don't exist in reality to present living people. Therefore, I've never had any relationships up to this very day. It's like I'm in some "Lost Zone"
as I slowly wake up from my realm of day dreaming, returning back to the real world. So now that I am awake and
almost here, but not quite, I am trying to find myself in "this tactile world," which is tricky, because it takes a few years
of patience and practice...and realization of where I really should be. It's no fucking wonder my life is so vacant and pointless looking!...not to mention lonely and unsuccessful. I never reacted. I never took action. I wasn't thinking.

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Comment by Emily on August 17, 2017 at 8:34am

I know it can be hard to find your "true" self under years of a false being, the person you really want to be. I myself have started my journey of leaving behind my world so I can focus on myself now. Why live in fantasy when you can try your hardest to make it a reality? Don't get me wrong, I know our fantasy worlds are most likely a thousand times better then our own but we have to learn to treat ourselves first. Even though I'm trying to leave behind my own world, I could never forget my main character, she's taught me things that will always stick with me today. I imagine her sitting on my shoulder or walking by my side, just like a guardian angel,that's how much you fall in love with these characters. My world will never truly be gone, inf act it's prompting me to live my best true life! If you ever want to talk about it just let me know:)

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