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I do wish that I could have done it so much better in life, that is, if I hadn't started MDD. Of course it enriched me with beliefs that I'd be seeing thrilling things ahead in my future. Well, everything happened vice versa, that is, because I wasn't ever concentrating. I am waking up now that I am 31. Although I am starting self-employment, on a daily basis,
I take thought on how to grow in my business of graphic design and advertising. I look forward to seeing what 10 years will bring and if my life will finally be better.

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Comment by Jessica Ballantyne on Wednesday

I'm getting health effects too. I'm not sure if it was by MDD.

Comment by MatthewR on Wednesday

I feel like I'm waking up, too. I regret the time I lost. I spent way too long imagining a better future that i forgot to actually build one. So now, I'm basically back where i started. I'm glad you're feeling optimistic. You never know, you may surprise yourself in 1o years. Good luck!

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