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I notice when my MDD dwindled and I began to get real, everything all just fell back to "Life itself."  Whereas, when I was into my dreams, sort of out of it, all swirly eyed, I was practically deluded. I had misleading and deceiving beliefs towards things that couldn't possibly be realistic to my true 'barefaced' consciousness. It started really kicking in when my family and peers got significantly unpleasant towards my irresponsible, inconsiderate and irrational actions pertaining to the point being that I was already full grown adult. MDD effected how I grew, developed, viewed the world and sympathized towards other people. I lived in my head so much, and I stunned many by how seldom I perceived in things, whether it was mathematics, politics, important people or knowing how to cook. Since I was a teenager, I dreamt heavily of being a celebrity, such as a TV star. In reality, when meeting new people, they always reflected how shy and quiet I was, perhaps not quite OK. I always wondered why all the hard judgments! Seeing a psychologist at a clinic one day, he was testing me, and noticed he saw something's up with my eyes, they wouldn't interact with his. After the assessment, I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Visiting Wild Minds, I grew fast from who I used to be. A space cadet. I realize you can only finally see what you want if,
at first, you can prove yourself in the world. My dad worked since he was 16 and went to university to become an architect, now he is very well off. We have a nice house and two cars. We get a new pet dog every 10 years. We eat healthy cooked meals and baked goods. We've got a big pool in our backyard. If it weren't for my parents, our habitat and lifestyle wouldn't be close to how great how we look today. I could make this happen to with intelligent decisions, and I still can, because I believe that I have the power and ambition to do this. I am returning to school to take up a trade, so hopefully,
I can afford myself an apartment.

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