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It's already 2017, huh?

I apologize that I haven't come here again since my last visit. And maybe I will seldom to come here anymore. Because, thankfully, my MD is reduced greatly. I've finished my comic (although not editing yet), and it really helps me because I pour my minds :)

Sometimes I still dding, when I was sad. Cannot tell, but some incidents happens. But life goes on, my dd not turn into dangerous thing like back when first time I make this account.

I also like to writing now. No matter the story or my mood was absurd, but it really relieves my mind when I write it.

And I met many good friends, who really understand my weird side (and my MD). They support me to convert my MD into arts or literary. Won't say who they are, because there are so many hehe.

Shitty past that I ever told in here may still haunt me, of course. But, I will look the positive side. The main positive is: I still alive :D

you can see my other arts in my instagram. ID: fikamar27 . well, mostly about Russians, but yeah, because my dd is mostly Russo-Centric. I'm not lying.

At the end of this post, I may say goodbye, too. I consider my MD now being cured.

Thank you.

BONUS: this is the comic that I told earlier. still on progress. wish me luck :)

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Comment by MatthewR on March 16, 2017 at 8:31pm

You've come a long way, Fitri. I'm glad your MD is much reduced. I've heard from others who say they have found cures and moved on. This gives me hope, too, of course. Maybe you can stop by and say hello from time to time. This chat has been a blessing for so many people. I hope it goes well for you! Good luck! 

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