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I have Autism. I always look forward to social situations, because often, I am constantly in a periphery. This is really embarrassing and the last thing I expect. Whenever I go back into the open crowd, people just immediately stare at me with a grin, pause, and shout "Smile!!" People are like this all the time with me. It's probably because I happen to always look all startled and serious...or sombre because I can feel tired. I am not a social butterfly and I am very introvert. So, the last thing I remember is to be socially presentable in public. Also, people easily notice that I am extremely untalkative. So
I have heard so many constructive criticisms about it, that I sometimes couldn't sleep. I do often live in my head, and am never ready to get out of it. I forgot to open up to people and express my mind on a consistent basis—oh yes, and with a smile. I think it bothers people because everybody is naturally extrovert and socially interactive. I've been waiting for a date all my life, even a relationship, and nothing ever came because of all this. So, I was extremely crushed, but also so jealous of people who can naturally make it happen successfully.

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