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I do feel as if maladaptive daydreaming screwed me over like a boyfriend. It told me sweet little lies, it played games with my heart and it swept me away from opportunities. In the end, it made me look bad in front of people. MDD filled me with warm, affectionate feelings and wonderful promises in some moments. However, at other times, it was also very abusive in a real scary way, and in the end, I fell on my face all sore, bruised and stunned. It distracted my attention away from other people to bring me back towards 'it.' MDD hypnotized me in thinking good things will still happen, no matter who I am and what I do. Now I sit here and reflect on once having believed in my daydreams—but now, I no longer do.
I no longer believe or trust what I experience inside that head of mine. Now I am more interested to what is real and what I can do to change for the better.

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