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We're all just flesh and blood...we are not dreams.

Freelancing at home on my computer, I received strong mental reflections of my past and how MDD has changed everything for me. If I had a perfectly normal mind (non-imaginative) that doesn't DD, I never would have received too much terrible and unpleasant feedback from so many people. I would have had better relationships and a circle of friends if I hadn't gone there; if my mind were different, I'd certainly pay more attention to others, be a more amiable, acceptable and respectable type of person, and know how to be socially polite and very well adapt. Otherwise, I never would have received poisonous remarks, put-downs, names, let alone unforgettable expressions and reactions.

I realize that we are REAL human beings; we are not dreams...we are not cuddly things, toys, hush puppies, ferries somewhere over the rainbow. We are going to show REAL emotions towards others, even in the ugliest ways ever, which is indeed normal, and looks and words sure can kill. We are going to be unpleasant and we are going to show it too! Flesh and blood we're made! Human.

Also, how can we travel to places we want to see, when doing DD? We'd lose our passports and wallets...luggage too. And at cocktail parties everybody would pat our shoulders and wonder if were OK...or just very, very drunk. Yes DD impacts everything we do and everywhere we go!

Of course, dating, love, marriage and family. Be the lucky one if your special someone wants to marry you—but your in laws haven't yet found out their grandchild will the son a MDD'er. It isn't like your criminal, but YOU might as well say "you took way too much ecstasy in your lifetime. Hope you won't pass it to your kids too."

And YES Career. You'll be lucky if you those 'top secret' kinds who can conceal those dazed eyes..and those unusual emotional crack-ups...or you didn't listen or remember what your supervisor said just 5 seconds ago...but can still wing it off somehow! Not everybody can do it, and I certainly not that cunning myself. There is a perfectly good reason why I'm gearing for self-employment.

We eventually learn that DD is not the answer to our problems. But we continue to do it anyway—but of course, we can't help it. Of course, we'll look super insane—when really we are just highly gifted people who think in different ways.

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Comment by Jessica Ballantyne on May 23, 2017 at 7:36am

I don't see many people because I freelance at home. I only hear comments from my mother. Recently she has been telling me "I live on another planet" or "I'm living somewhere on the other side of the galaxy," because I tend to forget chores or tasks she ordered me to do.

Comment by MatthewR on May 23, 2017 at 12:54am

I read Fallen Messenger's comment, and i had to post. People have called me a zombie on more than one occasion, and I've also gotten the ribbing that i was high on something. It's not that i'm doing anything like that. I'm just somewhat detached and contemplative. My generally slow reaction time and  penchant for being methodical about everything makes me seem like I've got the speed of a turtle. We do have the ability to be quite productive, but like everyone says, it doesn't lend itself to certain fields of employment. We just have to pick something that works for us. 

Comment by Fallen Messenger on May 21, 2017 at 7:33am

I agree with this. I honestly believe the only careers MD benefits are careers that require high creativity, such as authors, screenwriters, or markers. We tend to go on autopilot most of the time, and most careers aren't suited for us. People see us, and probably do think we're drunk half of the time. I've been asked if I'm high on something almost daily. But I do strongly agree with your last statement there. We are highly gifted and sure do think in different ways. People hate asking me for my opinion on things because I can read situations easily using my MD to see things from multiple perspectives. We are messed up people, but there is still a glimmer of hope out there for us. I'm almost finished writing a book and at the end I added a short autobiography that explains the basics of MD. I think that if we get the word out about this condition, we may be able to get cut some slack for having MD. There really isn't any way to get completely rid of MD, so we just have to learn how to live with it.

Comment by Jessica Ballantyne on May 20, 2017 at 12:43pm

YES. I only learned right now that Daydreaming is not KEY to getting what you want. You DO have to get out of your head and OUT of yourself to think, focus and react to a situation properly in order to make it work.

Unfortunately I literally lost my 20's due to making this stupid mistake. Now that I'm 31, everybody keeps on picking on me for doing something they DON'T LIKE. For instance, my sister is always jerking me around in the kitchen and at the dinner table, because my manners and habitual aren't superb! That is all due to never caring or taking advantage of these common sense principles over years of doing MDD.

Comment by Xander on May 20, 2017 at 12:16pm

I feel as if a lot of my friends left me because my MD caused me to push them away. 

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