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Wouldn't it suck if.....

Your daydreams starred this person you look up too in real life whom also is a healer you pay for chakra cleansings and reiki whom also hap…

Started by ratfish

0 on Tuesday

Introduce Yourself and Make Some Friends

I made this forum page because I know many people are not on this network anymore. Hopefully the few of us that are, can introduce ourselve…

Started by Xander

20 on Monday
Reply by Kit McDaydream

Feeling crazy

Hi, I am new here. I am a homenurse from Belgium. (Sorry for my English, I am not good in languages.)  My head is never quiet and I’m not f…

Started by L.

0 on Monday

Interesting thought regarding fantasizing History

This really puts me to shame. I know Hollywood tends to make light of real life. Seeing how serious and dystopic modern society in the rea…

Started by Silver Swan

1 on Monday
Reply by Kit McDaydream

Over coming maladaptive daydreaming: my strategy

Can I tell you what all we maladaptive dreamers are doing wrong? We try to block our fantasies so hard. You need to understand that the pro…

Started by Shreyas

2 on Monday
Reply by ratfish

Does anyone else put themself in fiction?

I daydream in TV shows, movies, books, fanfiction, and other media. I daydream and interact with these people and form relationships with t…

Started by Mikaela Williams

1 on Sunday
Reply by SJ

AMA with researcher Melina West: Aug 9-12

Melina West, University of Queensland, is a researcher in psychology (completed PhD is currently under examination), and a lifelong immers…

Started by Dimmer

1 on Saturday
Reply by Dimmer

Actual Physical Dangers of MD

Have you ever found yourself in a dangerous situation because you focused on a daydream and not life? I have (more than once) committed tra…

Started by Theaxe

9 on Saturday
Reply by Silver Swan

someone on here asked for money wtf

I'm new here Carol cox This person said that they donate to an orphanage in my state and asked for my help??? Seriously ?? An orphanage? Re…

Started by ratfish

3 Jul 14
Reply by Fishno7

My experience with daydreams through the years

Hello, i'm a new member here thank you for accepting my membership. When I was a child, I loved to imagine myself in a situation that I alw…

Started by Nico Setiawan

0 Jul 13


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