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hey, I've got this little question I want to ask you guys. I've recently got my driver's license, and, well... let's just say my career as…

Started by marla

5 Oct 9, 2011
Reply by Feng

I'm in love with a real man

I love being in love with him.  And I managed to overcome much of the maladaptive daydreaming.  However, when I'm by myself, my mind starts…

Started by RosePrincess

6 Oct 9, 2011
Reply by roxanne

Are my side effects normal?

Ok so i just wanted to get this out there to be honest, ive had this since May 2008 just before my 16th birthday, i remember the time i cre…

Started by DZJX

2 Oct 4, 2011
Reply by John

does daydreaming affect sleep?

hi all...m new to this blog...interesting and a sigh of relief to find many friends here...when i sleep at night....dreams come continously…

Started by Tulasi RAM

6 Oct 4, 2011
Reply by RichardP

Possible solution to MD (we really need a seperate forum for these discussions : P)

OK, so my uncle has come down to do building work at my house, and he is a very good Shiatsu healer.  Somehow, we were talking about pressu…

Started by Truthful Alibi

0 Sep 30, 2011

Possible solution from Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient indian form of medicine.  It follows the Tridosha Concept: Inside the body, there are three doshas which govern the…

Started by Hiren Shah

4 Sep 27, 2011
Reply by roxanne


hi guys lately i have been dreaming a lot about MD and the future  and in my dreams it seems like in the future MD is not jest something so…

Started by Divinity

7 Sep 25, 2011
Reply by J Noland

When you DD for hours, do you remember the first Dream or the Dream in wich you started?

I actually realized that today, when i spend hours on DD i cannot remember the first dream. Ive tried to cathegorize the various dreams i h…

Started by TheDreamer

4 Sep 22, 2011
Reply by TheDreamer

DD about events during the day that you wish you could have said or done differently.

Like this morning i gave this chick a ride home after class. In her driveway we had an ok convo, she got out the car, I talked and walked w…

Started by asher jhonson

6 Sep 22, 2011
Reply by Paige

Tough Love From Imaginary Friends...

I was just wondering, do you have any imaginary friends who light fires under your asses and push you to do what's best for yourself?   I d…

Started by Gloriana Soho

3 Sep 22, 2011
Reply by Drake


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