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I feel as if I have no where to go and there's nobody around that will listen to me, all except those on Wild Minds Network. Having Asperger Syndrome and this unusual gift, it's so hard to relate to other people in the average society or 'the Norm.' I can't connect well well with them, in fact, they'll take me as a big Jerk. They'll notice I have difficulties with listening and speaking, also interacting. I've even tried to find dates, but many guys find me either 'serious' or 'nervous,' but also extremely untalkative. So, if I want to express my feelings out loud, I'll just look to Wild Minds.

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I can kinda relate. I don't feel comfortable talking to anyone about anything deep or emotional. I think that's because all my friends have been pretty reserved since I was a kid. With my family, I have talked to them about my anxiety when I was younger but I'm not entirely sure if they would be able to understand something like this. They can barely understand my sisters eating disorders. That's the thing about parents. They just want to best for you and want to immediately fix the problem at hand. Although that is not possible as fixing something like this or any mental illness is much harder to solve just than clicking your fingers. 

I've always thought that one day I would be more open to others about how I'm feeling and all that. I still believe that. It might just take a while to get out of your head and into the real world. I also believe that there is someone out there like all of us. That's pretty evident here. We're such a reserved society now days that I wouldn't be surprised if someone close by was going through similar things, as really, we never really know what's going through someones head. Just look around you. You might find someone who is keeping it all in as well, in need of a good conversation. 

Maybe it's a societal problem. It's seen as a weakness really to show yourself to others in full. Even through that's what would really make you stronger and more assured of yourself. I think a lot more people than just us maladaptive daydreamers would be feeling this way.

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