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Hi! I have been MDDing for 3 years, and I am finally coming back into reality after being away for so long. Is it normal to feel disoriented/confused after daydreaming for so long? It's a weird feeling to describe. It's like finally accepting that my daydreams aren't my actual life and distancing myself from them. Does anyone have advice for how to handle the shock when you finally return to reality? Thanks for the help.

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The loss of time is sometimes difficult to accept. I don't know how absorbed you were in your daydreams. There is always a little shock when i come out of a particularly intense daydream, but i don't do it as often as i used to. In the past, i was extremely distressed about it. I think you have to be very compassionate with yourself, to not be so harsh or judgmental. It probably feels like you're waking up from a coma. You have no idea what you've missed or why you seem much older but without much to show for it. With some effort you can begin to reconnect with your real life instead of escaping from it. It'll happen. Give it time.


It definitely feels like I wasted those 3 years of my life. Usually for me daydreaming is something I will occasionally go to, but I have been very stressed and anxious recently so I have just been immersing myself in my daydreams. My daydreams are usually about the future, so it definitely feels like I missed out on a lot of what was right around me. The coma analogy is actually pretty relatable. Now I feel like I can barely daydream anymore because i'm like "what's the point?" I'm seeing a therapist, and I told her about being in shock. I think you are right about it taking some time to reorient myself in reality. Thanks so much. Your response was very helpful! 

Yes don't let it put you off. It can get depressing so find something in reality that you enjoy doing and get sucked into that, but most importantly, find people to be around and try to blend in. Use your imaginative skills to create a real life for yourself. You'll be fine.

You'll have to brave the cold. It'll be difficult and rewardless at first, but whenever you're close to falling back into the flood, remember why you're trying to get out in the first place.

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