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Hey guys. So I've never ever told anyone about my MDD. I've considered telling a few friends but never came to do it. College applications are due in a few months and I've been thinking, what if I write about my MDD? Should I do it? Are there any risk? Please let me know you guys.

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I think it's a great idea to tell your friends. I haven't told any friends yet, but I have told my family and I'm really glad I did because now it feels like I'm no longer hiding something that, whether I like it or not, is a big part of my life and who I am; when I tell people, it feels like they know more of the Real Me. And if you're worried that your friends will think it's weird or start treating you differently because of it, just remember that anyone who does that doesn't deserve to be your friend anyway.

Regarding college applications, I think it would be fine to write about it, but maybe make sure to emphasize that it's not debilitating (even if it is) and that it won't affect your academic performance (even if you think that it might). Unfortunately, even though it's technically illegal, some college admission officers will discriminate against people who have unique brains because they don't want to admit people who might need accomodations, etc. Good luck!

In my personal experience, telling others doesn't always bring the best results. You either get people who don't understand ("yeah I daydream sometimes, too!") or people who think you've utterly lost your mind. While it does feel good to have your secret revealed, telling others can sometimes create awkward situations. I gave a speech on MDD a few semesters ago, and even though I explained it as best as I could, I was quickly labeled as "crazy" and "weird" and lost a lot of respect in that class.


As for the college apps, it depends on how you write it. If you focus on the "I'm a creative person" aspect, then go ahead! But I'd refrain from anything that makes it sound like a serious mental issue, because this can cause people to judge you unfairly.

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