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When your young, you can't help...WHY are these DD's there? And then you can only assume they are telling you things, like a stream of messages. DD adapt from movies, shows and books that you love. So, your mind wants to adopt stories based on the series and the characters seen with your eyes.

However, the pictures and sounds moving in my head weren't always on purpose! They came out of the blue, like I couldn't help when they popped in my head. In fact, they turned out to be PREVISIONS. The previsions actually always did come true, because they are not 'made up Daydreams.' These previsions weren't always GOOD. In fact, some of my previsions told the Truth in negative ways too....things I don't want to know. For example—financial struggles, family matters, waiting for your life mate, the time you will cease. In fact, my previsions have even stated what my DD will do to my life in future.

Differences between a prevision and a DD, is that Daydreams continue to please and comfort you, whereas, previsions will tell you whats actually going to happen up the road in real life.

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