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Sometimes, I will feel like I'm not totally in this world. Say, I am sitting down to breakfast at the TV, and my mind will just wonder off. I will begin to forget that I'm in the kitchen. My mom will suddenly dart in from the garden to show me flowers or talk about an annoying neighbor or blare about a politician she dislikes on CNN. I will just sit there and munch away, pretending I'm listening with interest, when really, I'm fast asleep and in another world. My family will actually remind me when I'm not completely here.
In fact, they see it all the time. The way my eyes look far off and I won't talk, nor even listen. My mom keeps on telling me "Sometimes, I think you live on another planet." It's not like I can always help it!
My life is very, very solitude and I seldom have any friends. I am still seeking a relationship to this very day, and I have for many years. Everybody got blown off by my silent behavior and by my MDD habit.

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