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Yep, it is happening, but God knows it's  not easy.

A couple of months ago, life slap me right in the face, and it was terrible. I felt so broken and my sense of self got shaken at its very core. At this moment, I knew that my MD  was no longer something  I should or even could live with, I had to stop it. But what happen when you try to stop an addiction ? It backfires  and it's even worst.

So the 6 months which follow this, I was completely numb without even realising it and I kept hiding and drowning myself into MD  to try to forget about it.

Then, on my vacation break, I went to a meditation center and this is where I stumble again and lived something not as far as horrible like 6 months ago. And THEN  the magic happened. 

I was in such a meditative state that I went 4 days straight without Daydreaming AT ALL. ( That did not happen in many years, I usually cannot go an hour without DD)

It was... magic, pure freedom right at my door and then I knew it was possible.

When I got off the center, I relapse, of course, but there was a glitter of hope.

During my meditation, I meet some people filled with compassion and for the very first time of my life, I talked about my MD. They were surprisingly very open and even complimented me, saying that I was alike to many artists and could use my imagination along with my artistic skills. ( I study in Art and I am planning to use this imaginary world that I have created to make a BD ! ! Very exciting project )

Anyway, the point is, having this discussion  got me thinking that I could certainly not be the only one. And this is how I found that it had a name : Maladaptive  Daydreaming  and I also found this forum. 

After a bit of Reaserch, I found 2 very useful thing to get my started :

Eretaia  Blog  : https://maladaptivedaydreamingguide.wordpress.com


Overcoming Addiction - The root cause of every addictions. ( By actualized.org  on Youtube )

These are my holy grail on my journey to live in the present moment.

I will probably write an other post on my personal journey, but I just want to put it out there : It is possible, even though I did not suceed  yet, I know it is. 

I would really recommand, if you feel like MD  is taking over too much, to go check out by yourself the 2 links I left above. It is totally  worth the time.

See you ^^

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Thank you, I sure will :)

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