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For me all my daydreaming has been going on for as long as I can remember. I have always dreamt but the first dream I vividly remember was when I was 5. 

Fairies have always intrigued me. Anything out of this world really. I think that is human nature really, to be interested in anything other worldly. It all started with the Rainbow Magic series. The books were about these two girls who had access to the fairy realm  and helped the fae escape from goblins. I was especially intrigued by Crystal the Snow Fairy.

With my friend next door, I especially would create a magic world that we would enter into to be with the fairies. We would have parties and go to magic school. I would spend so much time in this world my parents got worried. I feel that this daydream was my first "real" MDD experience. This is the first of one of  my many DD and lasted about 2 years! 

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