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Hi everybody, I'm new at the forum, just got accepted.
I recently discovered that i have MDD. I have done it all my life since I can recall, but never questioned myself about it.
I knew it was weird because I never let anyone now, usually i pace around my living room (i live alone, for some years now.. i dont know if it's a good idea since it's like being alcoholic and have all the beer you want in the fridge...). I dont know why even knowing it was weird, I never stopped to think about it.
The second thing is: Now that i know, and I found this web pages with info regarding MDD. I realize that my father does this all the time, at least when I was in touch with him. He lives in another city, and we dont talk for years, since he has serious anger managment issues, and a lot of issues of other kinds.
But i clearly remember going to visit him when i was young, and, actually all his behaviours here pretty bizarre, but there was this moments, long moments, when he was locked in his room, pacing, and i didnt know what he was up to, but some times i would enter without warning, to see him PACING AROUND HIS DESK, and things like that. And he used to be alone in this room for hours! I'm sure he also has it!!
The weird thing is when i saw him for the first time pacing around this room, i already did it! I was like 7 years old, and i usually paced a lot in the living room, at that time my dd stories were mostly about video games.

So if i didn't know about him, and he does it and i also do it before knowing about this behaviour on him.. my only conclusion is that I INHERITED IT??

Do some of you have similar stories were people from your family have MDD and you have catched doing this, or something like that??

Kind regard and I'm really happy to be at the forum!

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I'm not sure if much information about the genetics of MD has been released. From what I've read, most people don't even know that MD exist so it's hard to talk about with family/doctors. It could very well be a genetic thing though; my father has anxiety and mood issues for which he takes medication so I'm not all that suprised that I also have anxiety issues and MD to help deal with that. Some mental issues also run in his family - so it's very likely!

Purely based on anecdotes and things i have observed I would say that in many cases it is or can be.

My sister and I both have it, thigh we were raised in the same environment as well so that could be a part of it.

last month, i got to see my little cousin who i only see once a year. she's 11 years old (i'm 18 and have had MD since i was 9) and told me about an imaginary friend that she's had for years... she also showed a story she wrote that sounds a lot like it could be from a daydream. i'm still wondering if it's MD or if she's just a creative kid.

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