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This feels so unusual, but at age 31, I feel different towards life unlike most normal people who never day dreamed and interacted with others just fine. I feel as if time flew and passed by in the flick of a wrist, since my day dreaming started getting very dense, roughly two decades. Now waking up at 31, I feel so very out of place, kind of lost, and disconnected with the outside world—it feels like a void. People who I used to see and talk with (high school, jobs, teams, college) I no longer ever see them around. Only person I still see is my Best Friend Forever, Erin, who I met as a teenager in grade 11. Also, struggling with MDD in my 20's, I didn't go to many places and scarcely did things with others. I mostly took art classes, did independent studio work at school, worked at a diner part-time and the rest goes....I mainly just lounged at home to concentrate on projects. I seldom socialized and did too much MDD, so later on,
I never got invited to parties, weddings, road trips, ceremonies....anything. People at college did discover that I looked GONE and far-off, also laughed for no apparent reason, so sometimes, they got very uncomfortable. Overall, the older I get, the more hapless with how maladaptive daydream impacted my whole life, and made me invisible to anyone around me.

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