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Since I was born, I took for granted the consequences daydreaming would bring to my future. I never realized how unsafe it is to constantly drown in an ongoing stream of daydreams inside your head.
As a kid I took this all for granted. I had no idea that this doesn't promise you a future, even a relationship. As a teenager, I was convinced that my MDD was telling me things I WANT to hear and see in my adult life. I always wondered why I couldn't attract people's attention and admiration. Now I realize that people could have liked and befriended me better if I hadn't lived on another planet in the first place. Looking back at my former self, I am not only very stunned at what I underestimated in life, but very creeped out by my belief system going back as an adolescent. Now at age 31, I am praying for a much better life.

I am attending a job interview for a digital website design and publishing role at a medical association and knock on wood that I get it. I've always wanted to design for the field of medicine, so here I go.

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I see where you are coming from I had a philosophy, my 20's were for messing around and finding myself, my 30's are for working hard, 40's for raising family. In reality, my 20's were not all that fun in the end, I had a rubbish job, no money, my head always somewhere else so when I could go grab life I had no one to go with. Now here I am, early 30's and everyone seems to be so much further than I am with careers, own homes, married and starting families.

Well good for you for realising the early ideas are not working for you and for having the courage to go out and make a difference to your own life.

I actually think Web design is a career suited for those with MDD. It is challenging and creative enough to be a very engaging real-life grounding career and you can see instant feedback on your work, which for daydreams - who are so often procrastinators too - can be very motivational and help you stay on track. just out of interest what draws you to designing for medicine, has this involved any specialist training?

Good luck, with your interview.

My mother was a psychiatric nurse for 35 years. Also, I was drawn to the medical environment because I like the graphic displays of body works, stem cells, microscopic details, innovative medicine applications, x-rays and anatomy drawings.
I thought this would be a neat idea for online and offline public relations and communications, digital designs and publications.

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