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And how long have you had it?

I'm curious about your experiences...

I've had MDD for about 7 years now. I wasted my precious high school years because of it, lost motivation to do things like try new activities or make friends, and made a lot of careless mistakes because I daydreamed instead of paying attention.

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Any area I have lived in the neighbors have avoided me. The sort of avoidance where they run in the house when they see you or avoid eye contact. Why? Some of them have seen them during some stage  in public maladative daydreaming and it has scared them. Or they have heard me in my home and that scared them too. Sometimes when I MD I take on the role of separate characters and when I find myself acting them out, I will do their voices. Hearing me sound like a man or at least trying to imitate  a man must really scare them too. In that sense I would say it has ruined my life because I am shunned by the neighbors. They will greet my partner in the mornings and overlook me like I am not there. Some days I find that really upsetting. Or if the post comes, they will look after my parcel but they will never give it to me, they will pretend not to be in and wait for my partner to come home before giving me my parcel LOL! Like they think that he is my husband, keeper and father.  A few times they have started to give me the parcel but more often then not they will wait for him to come home. 

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