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If I hadn't been an MDD'er, I probably would have been a much better person today. Since I was a kid
in the 90's my parents would drive me across the country side, whether we were in Canada, America or Scotland, and I would stare out the window DD out towards the landscapes, traffic and side roads. My parents never knew about this, so I wasn't seeing childhood specialists. Apparently, I had no idea what
I was getting myself into at the time. I was a very quiet kid and people had a hard time getting through with me. So, I seldom made any friends. I had no inclination of the realities to come of adulthood.
My mother made my childhood rather 'soft' for me, meaning, she did too much for me. During the summers, my parents would bring my sister and I to Scotland every other summer to meet our common law Aunt. Other summers, my mom would spoil me sister and I to YMCA day camps, which involved games, activities, sports, theaters, and trips to theme parks and resorts such as water rides. However, I seldom ever learned about 'work ethic' outside of studying in school.

As a high school student, my MD was getting stronger on me, and everybody began noticing the symptoms, etc. laughing for nothing. I would make up jokes in my head or think of amusing thoughts, then my lips would turn up into a laughing smile long enough for someone to immediately notice and get too 'freaked out' to go near me or maybe even get angry. For me it was no big deal, but for anybody else, it had a big affect on them.

Entering the real world was the biggest challenge of my life. I had so many jobs, but eventually, got terminated by just about every one of them. Employers and co-workers could detect that I wouldn't communicate, couldn't work hard or fast enough and seemed awfully quiet around people, most of all, when I wasn't hear—due to not using my eyes and ears. Even after earning my degree in graphic design,
I had a hard time launching a business or staying securely in in-house position. So, I had a very difficult time trying to move out and make things work.

My 20's were a complete blur and now I'm in my 30's, still living at home, and planning how to improve things for the better.

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