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Do your friends or family know about your daydreaming? What are their feelings/reactions to it?


This is the only place where I can talk about my daydreaming. I've never told anyone and I'd be mortified if my family found out.

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Well, when I was 24, my mother was appalled by it. She looked all shook up and wide eyes. She always tells me that
'I live on another planet' to this very day. You took it as a serious problem and does consider psychiatry. She believes that everyone must be 'awake and alive' to achieve anything in this world. Even my sister warns me that strangers will react so bad to my day dreaming that I'll feel crap out of luck.

I have recently confessed the full extent of my problems, from severe depression and isolation to the coping mechanism of extreme MD, to my mother and my 3 closest friends.

I have suffered for 25 years and now, at 31 I finally had to tell them.

I am angry at myself for waiting that long out of fear of being labelled crazy and unstable.

But discovering this page 2 years ago and seeing that I am not alone, that it is real, and that there are ways, even though they may be painful and take a long time, through which I can learn to cope, has given me the strength to come out of the closet.

And I am so glad I did tell them. Because even though they don't completely understand, at least I don't have to suffer in silence anymore. When I am having a bad episode and feel that dreaded complete break with reality I call my friend and just tell her what's going on. Even though she can't help me much, telling somebody is acknowledging the problem instead of hiding from it. And acknowledging it is the first step to beating it!

I would advice to be careful who you tell, but tell somebody you trust. It will at first be the most awkward conversation ever, but if they love you they will listen and you will feel so relieved. One of the ways I told them was to send them some articles on MD and a link to this page by email. My friends read the material, thought about it and THEN we spoke about it face to face. It helped them get an understanding of what's going on without me having to lay bare my innermost fantasies right away. And when I feel uncomfortable to expose the full topics of those fantasies I can say 'I don't feel comfortable to go into that much detail at this point'. You have the right to reveal as much as you want and keep some things hidden at first if it feels better.

Your choice.

my family know about it but they ignore it. It kept secret for friends, relatives.

No not a soul outside this place. I don't think people would understand and think it was something I ought to change.

I'm very private and had a fear as a teen that people could read my mind and know about my day dreaming.

I must have said thinks out loud as a teen as some cruel kids shouted names and details they could not possibly know. 

I've told quite a few people. My mother has been invalidating it for years even though she's walked in on me rocking back and forth. when I was a teenager, I also loosened the toilet screws from my rocking. I honestly believe that finding a mental health professional who actually listens and validates me would be the best possible treatment for me specifically but I'm too shy to get help. the idea also gives me so much anxiety. 

Honestly, if i told anyone about it, i dont think they'd believe me or take me at all seriously - which makes this all a bit harder for me, not having anyone to talk to 

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