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I have noticed that a lot of people on this website are able to talk about the subjects of their own specific daydreams, and I really wanted to know if someone else has the same experience that I do. I've had maladaptive daydreaming literally for as long as I can remember, and I don't have a doubt that this is the correct term for what I have. But I can NEVER talk about whatever my current daydream is; it feels physically painful to even try. I can talk about ones that I've moved on from (although I usually choose not to due to pressure to seem "normal") but never my current. I even go so far as to avoid the subject matter in real life. If someone so much as drops a single word that is closely related to my daydream, I will go into a complete panic. Probably isolate myself for hours afterwards.

This might be an OCD/Aspergers thing. I've been diagnosed with both of those, and I know that they are both closely tied to the reasons for my MDD. But I also REALLY want to know if anyone else has this issue, regardless of whether they have OCD or Asperger's. Thanks

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Hi, Liliana.
I usually dont talk about my themes or plots at all. I never re-tell the story, and only a few close people know just the triggers and the topics I like using. Yes, I can probably talk about the ones I'm not using anymore - probably becoz they dont have much to do with the current me. But as for the rest, I feel really uncomfortable to talk about them.

I am able to talk about it here but never the exact details and yeah, if someone in the real world mentions anything related to my DDs its like I am embarrassed - but of course they don't know about what...lol.

I think this how it manifests when your DD world collides with your real world. And I think we react this way b/c it kind of forces us to recognize that our DDs are not real even though in the midst of them, we act as if they are. So we are kind of forced to face that even if only for a few seconds and its very uncomfortable b/.c deep sown we know this isn't something that everyone does and for me, it make me feel abnormal or weird, etc.

Does that make sense?

I never talk about my daydreams, past or present. My husband is the only one that knows I have MD but he only knows that I do it, not what I dream about. The daydreams are far too private to me to share with anyone, nor do I want anyone analyzing them or judging them/me. I feel very protective of them. 

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